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Cat Care Services

While you’re away, we treat your kitty as our own by providing the highest quality of cat care services. At Auntie’s Cat Kennels, your furry loved one has a warm, clean, and open space to eat, play, sleep, and relax. In addition to giving your cat a lot of love and attention, we are happy to send you photos and updates. We know leaving your pet is tough; that’s why we make sure our kennel feels just like home for your kitty.

Browse our list of cat care services and kennel accommodations below and book your cat’s stay today!


  • Condos: Guests are accommodated in spacious condos (not cages) with each room having a secure window, a shelf, lighting, a screen door allowing plenty of fresh air, and a stool to climb on. Clean and comfortable bedding, food/water dishes and litter boxes are provided and guests are welcome to bring their “favorite items” from home.
  • Condo Size: Standard condos are 3 by 5 feet long and approximately 8 feet tall. There are 3 larger suites available (they vary in size as they are corner suites). The standard condos fit 1 or 2 kitties from the same home, and the larger suites are for 2 to 3 kitties.
  • Modifications: Condos can be modified to fit the needs of kitties with mobility issues, such as a staircase to replace the stool. The stool can be removed and the living quarters can be arranged on the floor only. Raised feeding dishes are also available upon request.
  • Climate: The kennel is indoor climate controlled with heating, air conditioning, and fresh air.

Food and Litter

  • Feeding: Guests are fed a kennel-supplied grain-free or regular dry food, but you can provide another food for us to use to fit your kitty’s diet (please specify on your Cat Information Form). Feeding is twice a day, that is unless special schedules are required. Water is refilled or changed at each feeding and kitties are welcome to eat a wet or a raw diet. If that’s the case, please bring their favorite kinds. We have a refrigerator for storage.
  • Litter Boxes: Litter boxes are cleaned and filled with a natural pellet litter twice daily at a minimum. If your kitty has special litter needs, then you will need to provide those supplies.

Additional Cat Care

  • Brushing: We provide daily brushing, if your kitty is fond of it. Bring their favorite brush.
  • Attention: Plenty of personal attention is given to your loved one at least 2-3 times daily and we welcome you to bring toys and scratching posts for play and exercise.

Medical Needs

  • Fleas: Please make sure your kitty is free of fleas. We recommend using a topical treatment at least one week prior to boarding. If fleas are found on your kitty while boarded, we will treat immediately with Advantage and you are responsible for the charge.
  • Medications: We can administer oral, eye, ear, and topical medications. Refrigeration is available (additional costs may apply).
  • Vaccines: Current rabies (for indoor/outdoor kitties) and distemper vaccines are required. Exceptions by veterinarian recommendation only.

Bring emergency contact information with you and let the contact know they are listed.

Cat Care Pricing

    • Standard Boarding: $17 per day for one guest (includes kitty cuddles and play), $10 for each additional kitty housed in the same condo.
    • Medically Complex Kitties: $18 and up
    • Payment: We accept credit cards, cash, and check. A full day’s fee is charged for day of arrival, regardless of time. There is no charge for cats picked up during morning hours. Full payment is due at time of pick-up.
    • Medical Needs:
      • Oral, topical, eye drops, and ear drops can be administered. Please bring all medications and/or equipment.
      • If fleas are found on your kitty, Advantage Flea treatment/room cleaning is $20.
      • $50 charge for transport to veterinarian, plus full responsibility for any charges incurred.
    • Extended Stay: Bookings over three weeks will be given a 15% discount. Half of the total will need to be paid in advance (Discounts may not be combined.)

Cancellation Policy

  • 48 hours notice is required to cancel your reservation. There will be a $25 fee for reservations cancelled without this advance notice. During the “holiday rush,” we require 7 days cancellation notice to enable us to utilize the waiting list. For late cancellations, we will charge for the full reservation if your spot is not filled.
  • Discount: 10% off for Seniors, Students and Veterans (Discounts may not be combined.)

Auntie’s Cat Kennels is fully licensed and insured.

cat care services eugene
cat care services eugene
cat care services eugene

“Auntie’s Cat Kennels has been such a blessing to me since my cat Oliver was diagnosed with diabetes this past year. After the diagnosis, I thought I would never be able to travel like I once did because of Oliver needing two insulin shots a day. However, my vet recommended Auntie’s and I am so glad she did. I now feel completely at ease leaving both my cats with Faith and Terry. They are wonderful with my boys and I feel my furry children are safe and taken care of when I am away. I also have the peace of mind knowing that Oliver will get his medication. Thanks Auntie’s!”

– Lindsay G.



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